Winter Driving for Parents of Cadets

Now that Jack Frost has returned and made his presence felt, we want to remind the parents/guardians of our Cadets of certain expectations:

1) The safety of your son/daughter/ward is of the utmost importance to you and the Staff of the corps.

2) When deciding if it is safe to bring your Cadet in to the school on a training night, we ask you to only drive to your comfort level.  We do not want parents to feel they have to drive if they are uncomfortable or feel it is unsafe to do so.

3) If you decide it is not safe to drive, please stay home:

a) Your Cadet is expected to call 726-4090 to report their absence

b) If your Cadet is an instructor, they are asked to make every effort to get their lecture covered (if applicable)

c) Your Cadet will be excused as long as they call before 6:30 pm on Wednesdays

4) The Officers will make every effort to keep you informed of any storm closures:

a) If schools in the Metro Area are closed for the day due to weather, Cadets is also automatically cancelled

b) Final call will be made as to whether to cancel cadets by 5:00 pm on Wednesdays.

c) The Corps voice mail will be updated immediately.  Cadets may not be called in time so we encourage Cadets/parents to check the voice mail (726-4090) before they attempt to drive in inclement weather

5) Remember that your Cadets are to stay in your car until the Officers arrive.  This is especially important during the cold winter months.  We wish to thank the parents for observing this rule and this has greatly improved since our last notification.

Thank you,

Capt S. Scott

Training Officer

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