Are you excited to start the new training year?

Us too! 🙂

2415 Cadets First Night and Registration:
Wednesday, September 5th, 6:30-9:30pm
at Gonzaga High School – Side Doors

For our Returning Cadets:

  • Dress is Skittles Parade / Civilian Attire
    • Cadets are encouraged to wear their camp t-shirts.
  • Parents are asked to come in as well and fill out the cadet info validation forms.

For anyone looking to become a cadet with us 🙂

  • Registration is at the main cadet office – enter through the doors on the side parking lot.
  • You can print and complete the Cadet Enrollment Package (Download Here), or bring your parents with you – our Administration Officer has copies of the enrollment package.
  • You will also need to bring to bring along 2 pieces of Government ID:
    1. MCP Card (or other provincial health Insurance card)
    2. Anyone (1) of the following:
      • Valid Canadian Passport
      • Birth Certificate issued by a provincial or federal agency (Baptism certificates are not valid)
      • Valid visa or work permit
      • Valid identification card, with or without a picture, issued by a Canadian federal, provincial, territorial government agency.

If anyone has any questions they can contact our Administration Officer, Captain Sean Scott through email at

You can follow our Facebook and Twitter pages as we will be posting more updates as first-night approaches.

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