Virtual Headquarters (VHQ)

On Normal years, we would meet every Wednesday evening at our Local Headquarters (LHQ) where cadets would be taught classes and administrative work can be done by the staff.

COVID-19 has forced us to try something new for 2020-21. A new Virtual Headquarters (VHQ) has been setup for this year. We will be meeting online through the use of a DISCORD server.

Our VHQ runs on DISCORD

Discord gives us the power to create our own secure place to meet shared with only the people we invite.

All cadets will receive an invite to join the DISCORD server. Once joined you will have several text and voice channels available.

Use it Online, or download for more.

DISCORD can be used with any modern web browser, so you don’t need special permission to install an app.

There are also apps that can be downloaded for IOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and MAC. Just pick from the list on The DISCORD Downloads Page.

Need an Invite?

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