20130506_194208000_iOSThe Cadet Marksmanship Program is a challenging and competitive sports program accessible to all cadets. It develops skills through superior training and Olympic-style competition.
This is why every year, thousands of cadets participate in this fun and rewarding program.

Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions at the local level that culminate in provincial competitions and an annual National Cadet Marksmanship Championship.  The Canadian Cadet Marksmanship Championship Series (CCMCS) is broken down into four stages:

  1. Stage I – Local Cadet Corps Competition
    • Open to all cadets of the corps
  2. Stage II – Zones Competition
    • Each Corps is allowed to submit one team of 5 members (minimum of 2 junior aged cadets)
    • Takes place in Mid-March
  3. Stage III – Provincial Champsionships Competition
    • Top 8 Corps units from across the province and one compsite team compete for the right to represent the province at the National Championships
    • Usually takes place on the last weekend of Easter Break
  4. Stage IV – Marksmanship National Championships Competition
    • In 2014, this competition took place online with electronic targets and cadets shooting in their home province.

Army cadet corps in NL also have the opportunity to compete in the Army Cadet League Marksmanship Competitions.  This is a mail-in competition where you shoot targets at your home corps and mail them to the ACL.  Your scores are then put up against other cadets and a trophy is awarded for each competition.  More information about these competitions will be posted once the information is released for training year ’14-15.

Marksmanship at 2415

Activity_MarksmanshipMarksmanship practices start early in the new training year with grouping targets so cadets can pratice the techniques of good marksmanship and improve their consistency.  Only after knowing that all shots a cadet takes are going to be in the same small area can a cadet sucessfully adjust their sights for maximum scores on an application target.

Once cadets have moved on to application targets, they will also start to go through the routine of a shooting relay at a competition so there are no surprises on the day of the competition.  All scores are kept my the marksmanship officer for tracking and for scoring towards the team selections.

In January, cadets will be completing the Army Cadet League Competitions and the CCMCS Stage 1.  The team will be announced for CCMCS Stage II after this competition.

As of  2012, Cadets now compete in the CCMCS in both the prone and standing positions.  The Corps has added standing shot training to the marksmanship program to prepare cadets to compete in the CCMCS.  The Army Cadet League does not have a standing component to their competition…yet.

Team Selection

20130506_194119000_iOSWhile we welcome all cadets are come out and practice, the Corps is limited on how many competitiors it can send to competition outside the local Corps.

The corps uses a number of assessments during practices and regular training to determine who makes the teams, such as:

  • Attendance at practices and regular training nights,
  • Attitude,
  • Teamwork,
  • Performance in practice and in competitions,
  • and many more

Just because soemone is a great marksman, doesn’t mean they are automatically on the team.  Being selected for the teams is a privilege as you get to represent all members of 2415 at the competitions.  Your behaviour and perfomance reflect on all of us.


Qualification Badges

20130506_194119000_iOSAll cadets at the unit are able to acheive a marksmanship qualification level and wear the corresponding badge on their uniform.

Qualifications are based on shooting 10 pellets onto two targets for all levels.  The highest qualification attained during the year is retained.

For a Marksman qualification, a cadet must obtain two groupings of 3 cm on two targets.




2x 5-round groupings within a 3cm circle.



First-Class Marksman


First-Class Marksman

2x 5-round groupings within a 2.5cm circle.



Expert Marksman


Expert Marksman

2x 5-round groupoings within a 2cm circle.



DistinguiDistinguished Marksmanshed Marksman

2x 5-round groupings within a 1.5cm circle.




Once you have earned and received your qualification badge, check out the 2415 Cadet Uniform Standard for the proper place rto proudly wear the badge on your uniform.


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