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Cadet Training Centers (CTCs)

Cadets who have successfully completed their training at the home Corps have the opportunity to go away on courses related to their training the following summer. This summer training (also called Summer Camp) is a chance for cadets to build on what they have learned at the home Corps and participate in new activities that may not be available locally.

All 1st year cadets who wish to go will attend the General Training course at  CTC Argonaut located on Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in Oromocto, NB.  2nd-4th year cadets will attend their 3-6 week courses at various training centres in Atlantic Canada.

Drill & Ceremoinial courses are taught at CTC Greenwood in Greenwood, NS
Military Band courses are taught at HMCS Acadia in Cornwallis, NS
Fitness and Sports, Air Rifle Marksmanship, and Expedition courses are taught at  CTC Argonaut in Oromocto, NB.

Courses that are available to cadets varies based on what star level they have completed at the home Corps and, in some cases, the cadets age.

A complete list of course descriptions and requirements can be found on the Cadets Summer Training Page.

NOTE: While we try send every cadet that wants to go on summer training, spaces are limited and a position on a course is not guaranteed.


How/When do I apply to go to Camp?

The application process has multiple steps and takes time to be processed. Our recommendation is that cadets start thinking about what courses they want to apply for in early January.

Due Date for Applications is TBD

For directions on how to apply for summer training, we’ve got an entire page dedicated to it called CTC Applications that you can check out.


What is Summer Training Like?

The best way to know what life is like at a Summer Training Center is to ask a couple of cadets who have been there before.

Also, each Summer Training Center also has a Public Relations team that does an excellent job of taking photos and writing news articles on all the cadet activities that happen during the summer so you can see for yourself what goes on.

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What else do I need to know about going on Summer Training?

There’s lots that cadets need to know once a cadet is told they are selected for camp?

– When am I going? How am I getting there?
– What do I need to pack?
– How can I call my parents from camp to ask for money?
– How can my parent’s call me since I haven’t called them in weeks?
– Do I have to do my own laundry?
– etc.

When a cadet is selected for training, the acceptance letter will have the cadets training start and end dates on it. Travel information to and from a CTC isn’t usually confirmed until about 4 days before the cadets leave. Parent’s will be contacted by phone with this information.

The rest of these questions are answered in the CTC Joining Instructions.

If you have any questions throughout this process, you should contact our Summer Training contact. Our contact officer for Summer 2018 is SLt Jessica (Reid) Smith (Jessica.Reid@cadets.gc.ca).

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