CSTC Application Process

The process for applying to attend a CTC course can be very confusing both for cadets and for parents. Just because a cadet applies to go on Summer Training, doesn’t guarantee that the cadet will be accepted on a course. The best way to increase the chance of a cadet going on course is to minimize errors and missing information on the application.

On this page we will attempt to simplify and walk you through the process.

If you have any questions throughout this process, contact our Administration Officer, Captain Scott by email or through our facebook page.


STEP 1: What to apply for

Courses and activities available to each cadet depends on factors such as their age and what star-level they are currently in. View our complete lists of CTC Courses, RDAs, and NDAs.

  • Green Star Cadets can only apply for the 2-week General Training course.
  • Red Star Cadets can apply for any of the 3-week Basic courses.
  • Silver Star Cadets can apply for any of the 6-week Instructor courses.
  • Gold Star and Senior Cadets can apply for any of the 6-week Instructor courses, Advanced Training courses, or Exchanges.
  • Gold Star and Senior Cadets who are age 16 or older before January 1st can also apply to be Staff Cadets at a CTC.

Cadets should apply for more than one course to increase the chance that you will be selected for a course.  Make sure to list the courses on your form in the order you want to take them.

STEPS 2 & 3: Apply online (or ask the Admin O) and say which courses you want to apply for.

STEP 4: Application is entered into Fortress

  • Fortress is the Canadian Cadet Organization’s Administration Program. This is the point where the formal application and selection process begins.

STEP 5: Application sent to CO for approval

  • The Commanding Officer (CO) has to approve or deny all cadet applications for the Corps.  The CO will also prioritize applicants for each course based on the best interest of the corps.
  • The CO can deny an application for many reasons, including missing information or if the cadet is not qualified to apply for a particular course.

STEP 6: Application sent to NL Cadet Detachment for processing

  • At this point the application process is outside the hands of the local Corps.
  • If there are issues with the application, the Detachment will work with the Corps to resolve, otherwise the next time the Corps hears back about an application the cadet has been accepted / rejected / placed on standby.

STEP 7: Application Response sent to the Corps

Based on the response the Corps receives, there are different scenarios that will happen

Scenario 1: Cadet is accepted on a course: The process will continue to Step 8.

Scenario 2: Cadet is placed on Standby for a course:

  • This happens if there are more cadets applying for a course than there are spots available. If a spot becomes available for this cadet, then their application status will change to Accepted and the process continues on Step 8.

Scenario 3: Cadet is Rejected for a course:

  • This happens if a cadet does not meet one of the requirements for a course, or the course is full and there is no possibility of a spot becoming available. the Corps will then work with the cadet to see if there is another course the cadet would like to apply for.

STEP 8: Letter of Acceptance sent Home

  • This letter must be signed by the parents/Legal Guardian of the cadet and returned to the Corps.

STEP 9: Acceptance Letter received by the Corps

  • Once the signed letter is received by the Corps, the course offer will be accepted in Fortress and the cadet is confirmed as going on Summer Training.
  • The signed letter will be kept in the Cadet’s personnel file at the Corps.

The Application process is now complete!

Once a Cadet is confirmed on a Summer Training Course, the next step is for the cadet and parents to view the CSTC Joining Instructions and prepare for a summer of challenges, adventure and fun 🙂

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