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Why Join Army Cadets?

Joining_ShowYourPrideThere are literally hundreds of reasons why people decide to try army cadets.  Everything from camping to hiking, marksmanship, band, drill, to something as simple as wanting to be part a group.  Everyone has their own reasons to join, and they are all welcome.

Army cadets is open to all young canadians between the ages of 12-18 who are interested in participating in a variety of challenging and rewarding activities, and learning more about the Canadian Forces.

Activity_HikingCadets put their skills to the test on weekend exercises and day activites providing leadership, challenging outdoor activities (like expeditions), survival techniques, adventurous training, sports, friendships and discipline.

With us, you learn valuable life and work skills like teamwork, leadership, and citizenship. Cadets also reap the personal benefits of increased self-confidence and physical fitness, learning how to take initiative, and how to make personal decisions or work to help make a group decision.


How much does Cadets cost?

Activity_AbseilingCadets is FREE to join!  The program is sponsored by the federal government so all the costs of the mandatory training program are covered.  We do have many optional activities that are not covered by the program, but we usually try to pay for those through fundraisers instead of asking cadets to pay to attend.  It makes it fair for everyone.

Summer Training (sometimes called Summer Camp) is also available to cadets and happens at several regional training centers across the country. There is no cost for a cadet to attend. Transportation, food, clothing, shelter are all covered by the cadet program. Cadets are even paid a training training allowance to go. Where else can you get paid to go to camp?

Joining_ParadeReviewUniforms are issued to each cadet free of charge, but they must be taken care of and returned to the cadet corps when it no longer fits or when leaving the program.  The army cadet program is currently in the process of adding a new Field Training Uniform (FTU) to go along with our Dress Uniform (DEU – Distinctive Elemental Uniform).



Activity_WinterFTXDuring out 25th anniversary year, 2415 Gonzaga Army Cadet Corps formally adopted the motto “SEMPER MAGIS,” or “Always Better.”

The officers and staff of the corps feel that this is a motto that best describes the spirit of the Corps and the pride, skill and determination of the cadets are obvious by their many achievements, and are demonstrated every time cadets from Gonzaga act individually or as a group.

Activity_CampingWe are proud to present a challenging programme to the young men and women of 2415 Gonzaga that allow you to continuously learn new skills and improve on exisiting skills. All while making friendships that will last a lifetime.


What activites do Army Cadets do?

The army cadet program is broken into two parts: Mandatory Training and Optional Training.

Activity_DrillMandatory Training is training that every army cadet corps across the country must do, and it’s all paid for by the federal government.

    This includes things like:

  • Bushcraft / Camping
  • Citizenship
  • Expeditions (3rd & 4th year)
  • Leadership
  • Marksmanship
  • Navigation (Map & Compass and GPS)
  • Public Speaking
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Drill, etc



Activity_MarksmanshipOptional Training are activities that we as a local corps can decide to do besides the mandatory stuff to make the program more interesting and allow the cadets to do more than just regular Wednesday night stuff.

These include:

  • Abseiling
  • Biathlon
  • Canoeing
  • Drill Team
  • Flag Party
  • Activity_BiathlonMarksmanship Team
  • Military Band
  • Orienteering
  • Paintball / Laser Tag
  • Scuba Diving
  • Wake-A-Thons, and many more.


How Do I Join?

Activity_FieldClassThe easiest way to get involved in cadets is to stop by with your parents and see us. We meet every Wednesday evening during the school year (Sept – June) at Gonzaga High School from 6:30pm to 9:15pm.Just bring your MCP card and an origional Birth Certificate with you.You can also speed up the process by downloading and completing the enrollment package (see below) and bring it with you. That way we can have you enrolled and participating by the start of our first activity that night.

2415RCACC Enrollment Package (Updated 09-2012)


Activity_SunsetIf you have any questions about the Corps or the enrollment process, you can stop by on any regular training night, or you can contact us and we’ll gladly answer your questions.

See you Soon.


What Parents Want to Know

Activity_TentingSafety is always the top priority when at cadets. All cadets are supervised at all times by qualified officers of the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC). CIC Officers are responsible at all times when a cadet activity is taking place and must ensure that all rules and regulations are followed and that everyone is safe.When cadets participate in specialized activites, such as canoeing or abseiling, the cadet program mandates that these activites be run by specially qualified personnel.


Activity_CanoeInstructionCadets in their first few years receive their regular training and supervision from a combination of Senior Cadets and CIC officers. Cadets in the later years of training are almost exclusively taught by senior CIC Officers.All of our senior cadets have completed the cadet program and are passing on what they learned to the new cadets. All officers are fully qualified instructors and many of them were once cadets as well.

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