Our Sponsors

2415 Support/Sponsoring Committee

Sponsoring committees (or Support Committees as they are called by Army Cadets) are community-level organizations that coordinate local support for the Cadets. Depending on the unit, their makeup varies and they can include interested parents, community members, service clubs, town councils and corporations.

In certain situations, a parent committee is the unit’s official sponsor, while in others it provides support for the sponsoring committee.

Sponsoring committees are responsible for:

  • providing suitable accommodation for cadet training and activities
  • promoting the Cadet Program to the community
  • fundraising and managing funds for additional activities not supported financially by the Canadian Forces

The Army Cadet League of Canada is the supervisory sponsor of the sponsoring committees. They identify appropriate sponsors / sponsoring committees from the community. The leagues also liaise with the Canadian Forces concerning the support required to carry out cadet training and activities.

Our Support Committees

2415 Gonzaga Army Cadet Corps is fortunate to have two great sponsors to support us:



Without their support we would not be able to have all the activities that we do.

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