Announcements: 15 May 2019

Wednesday, May 22nd

  • ACR Dress Rehearsal
    • Dress is C1 (DEU with ties and web belts) for Cadets
    • Dress is 3C for Officers
  • Duty is MCpl Martin

Saturday, May 25th

  • ACR Prep Night
    • This is where we get the school setup for our ACR on Sunday
    • Attendance is Mandatory
    • Details and timings will be in the May 22nd announcements

Sunday, May 26th

  • 2415 RCACC’s 57th Annual Ceremonial Review
    • This parade is part of every cadet’s star level training plan so attendance is required to pass your training year.
    • Details and timings will be in the May 22nd announcements
      • Cadets plan for arriving around 9am with everything you need.
      • Lunch will be provided to the cadets
    • Tell your guests they should plan to arrive at 1:30pm so they are seated before the parade starts.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd

  • Operation Lost Souls Expedition FTX
    • Cadets will be hiking a (to be announced later) route on the Avalon Peninsula where they will utilize their new navigation skills to navigate as part of a team.
      • Officer’s will be supervising the teams and completing performance evaluations on cadets to qualify them for their star level.



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