Welcome to 2415 Army Cadet Corps

The 2021-22 Training Year is Almost Here!!!

First Night and Registration for New and Returning Cadets is September 15th from 7-9pm at Gonzaga High School.

Data Validation and Registration will take place from 7-8pm. The Parent’s meeting with our Commanding Officer starts at 8pm.

Everyone is required to wear a mask inside the school.

The cadet program has an Online Registration Portal for new cadets at www.canada.ca/join-cadets.  Just pick 2415 Gonzaga when asked where you re looking to attend.   Or you can simply show up at Gonzaga High School on Wednesday evenings (starting Sept 15th) with your MCP card and Birth Certificate and our friendly staff will help you get enrolled.

Cadets who have graduated or have moved on to other adventures during COVID-19 are asked to return their uniforms and borrowed equipment on September 8th from 7-8pm. These items were loaned to you on behalf of the Queen, and she would like them back to loan out to another cadet.

General questions can be directed to 2415ArmyCadets@gmail.com. Parents with questions of a personal nature can email the CO directly at co.2415Army@gmail.com.  

Stay Safe!
Captain Sean Scott, Commanding Officer

Virtual Headquarters (VHQ)

While we are confident we will be able to train in person all year. We all know that COVID-19 is still around. So we will be maintaining our Virtual Headquaters on Discord until Cadets365 is sully implemented.

If you require access to our VHQ on Discord, Please send a request to 2415armycadets@gmail.com.

Cadets365 is Coming Soon…

While Discord was an amazing app for 2415 last year. The entire cadet program will be moving to Office365 (called Cadets365) during this training year. This will give every cadet across Canada equal access to online resources including Outlook and Microsoft Teams

For now, all cadets at 2415 will continue to access our DISCORD server.

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