2415 Gonzaga Army Cadet Corps

The CO will be hosting a town-hall Zoom meeting for all cadets and staff this Wednesday (June 3rd) at 7:00pm.

All cadets are asked to attend if possible, Senior cadets will be making calls.

We will post the link to attend to facebook.com/2415armycadets 30 minnutes before the meeting’s scheduled start time. ~CO


Effective March 15th 2020, ALL in-person cadet activities cancelled until August 31st. Further notice will be given before that date if it will be extended.
This is just a precautionary measure to help keep all cadets safe.
The Trg O and CO will be working with the other officers to make a plan to complete your star-level training when we are permitted to start up again. At this point we do not know how or if summer training will be affected, but for now, no course offers are coming out before 30 April 2020.
This has definitely been a year to remember and I thank all cadets, parents, and especially my staff for rolling with the punches.
I will be posting any updates to our Facebook page as I receive them, but for now you know what I know.
Questions can be directed to 2415ArmyCadets@gmail.com.
Stay Safe!
Captain Sean Scott, Commanding Officer